Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I think I've figured out why I love Nauvoo. . . and to those of you who just like to go on vacations to relax, that's great, but I love going to historical places. Which is probably why I love Europe, and why Israel was my favorite trip ever! But, Nauvoo brings you back. It isn't a commercial city, it is soaked in history, the history that I am so grateful for. Just being there and visiting reminds me how grateful I should be for everyone who worked so hard to bring me everything that I have. I have religious freedom, and I have the Book of Mormon, and temples, and they sacrificed their lives to bring that to pass. Yet, in this world it is so easy to forget, but when you're in Nauvoo, you can't forget that. It reminds you how much you should be grateful for.


schweenster said...

Thanks for sharing that Erin! I do love Nauvoo for that same reason. The pioneers sacrificed so much and we are so blessed. We miss you guys! Love the new pics! Looks like it was a happy Birthday! - this is Marin (i forgot I am still signed onto Justin's account>)

Alissa Ellingson said...

I absolutely love Nauvoo! My mom and I went and my appreciation of the church and of my ancestors grew so much...I just can't describe it. The Spirit is so strong there. Love it! Cute blog, too!