Tuesday, July 29, 2008

James' Birthday

So I guess I haven't posted many pictures lately, so I'll add James' birthday pictures which were from over a month ago. But, we had a little party for him with Mike and Ashley, and Mike and Alyssa. Then the next morning we woke up really early and drove to Chicago. We stayed the night in a really nice hotel, and saw Wicked! It was a blast! Here are some pictures!


Ellsworth Fam said...

You guys saw Wicked?!! I am so jealous. How fun & Happy Belated Birthday James!

schweenster said...

looks like you guys are having fun this summer! i'm jealous i've never been to nauvoo before, i've heard the temple is amazing. cute pics guys...we'll hopefully see you sometime soon.

Aaron and Hayley said...

I had no idea you guys went up to chicago and saw wicked!!! So not fair!! I'm sure it was amazing!!! I totally feel the same way about Nauvoo too! I love that it's not so commercial like other places!!! and the feelings you have when you go there... it's so spiritual!!